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.:i can't sleep without your breathing:.

and i can't breathe each time you're leaving

[angelic fruitcake]
27 October
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Bisexuality is real.

I kneel before her, beaneath this frozen sky, beaneath her shoulder, beaneath her evil lies. She towers over this male who is a fly. My sci-fi lullaby. I kneel before her, beneath this frozen sky. I beg bellow her, my limbs are paralyzed. She beats me harder than any kind of guy. My sci-fi lullaby.
An image of a 7 year old standing on a ledge 11 stories high has scarred her mind and soul for life. Suicide lives in her mind and circles through her thoughs though she loves her friends too much to scar them the way she has. She has hardly any self-confidence or self-esteem but she has amazing friends both online and in real life who she loves so dearly. Her life will continue until she grows old.

||I'm weightless||
||I'm bare||
||I'm faithless||
||I'm scared||

suckerlove_ Brian/Stefan slashers unite!
Brian/Stefan is love sex

Placebo is Love.

"There's a place within her mind
With rains already falling
She's insane, this friend of mine
And she's always bawling"

Marriage is love.

|She dreams about a knife|
|Carving into her chest|
|Ripping out the heart as|
|Pouring blood drowns her life|
|Chiselled jaw looks the best|
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